Back in July I was at an Eddie James concert at Humboldt First Assembly of God. Before Eddie James and his team took the stage Humboldt’s Transformation Animation Pantomime team did two dramas, and the end of the last drama was based off of the song “Say Yes” by Shekinah Glory Ministries (watch the video below to listen). The entire service that night was awesome, but this part was by far the most powerful part of the service. Ever since then this topic has been heavy on my heart, I’m soon to write a sermon on this topic.

So what is the difference between a “yes” and a “yes to God”? Remember when you were little a you made a promise with someone? Well you might have sometimes just made a promise or you might have pinky-promise. I don’t know about you, but I know that when I made pinky-promise I always felt the need to make sure I kept that promise; on the hand, there wasn’t any extra motivation to keep a regular promise (I never intentionally dismissed a promise).

But there are some extra things you must know about before you say “yes” to God.

1. Keep The Faith

Let’s clear the air for a moment. Just because God has called you do something doesn’t mean the goal will be reached without trials and tribulations. If you thought something would be easy because God called you to do it, you are wrong. Think about the verse where God says that your days upon this earth will be filled with trouble (Job 14:1). Did it say that your days upon this earth will be filled with trouble except when it is something God has called you to do? NO, it did not.

When you tell God “yes,” know that there will be trials and tribulations. You will be rejected and denied. You will grow tired and weary. You will become frustrated (even mad) because you didn’t reach goal in the time you wanted to or things didn’t go as you planned. Most of the time at this point you would have just given up, but you are not allowed to give up when you say “yes” to God.

No matter what happens you must keep the faith that God will make everything work out.

2. You Have to Step Out your Comfort Zone

I want you to think about how many times you accomplished something great but stayed in your comfort zone. The odds are that you didn’t accomplish much. I’m going to make this plain and simple. When you say “yes” to God, you will be put out your comfort zone.

Think about all the disciples. Had Jesus not pick them to be his disciples they would have just lived ordinary lives, but because they stepped out their comfort zones they no longer worked a 9-5 job and went about their way. They accomplished great things not only because they were Jesus’s disciples and they answered the call to be His disciples, but because they stepped out their comfort zone.

Great things are accomplished inside your comfort zone, but greater things are accomplished when you step out your comfort zone.

3. Your “Yes” Has the Ability to Change Lives

This last one is an easy one. Your “yes” to God has the power to change millions of lives. I think the best example of this is the domino effect. Just as one domino cause tons more to fall, your “yes” causes billions of people to be saved.

When you say “yes” to God, you become that tipping force that causes the domino effect (except you don’t cause people to fall). Isn’t that just awesome?

So I end by saying this, don’t be afraid to tell God “yes”. But remember everything that is required of you when you do.

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