What exactly does “becoming more” mean? When the idea to write this post came to me back in April, I came up with two aspects to look at this from. The first aspect being becoming more than just simple me, and the second being becoming who God has made me to be. While both of these aspects seem one in the same, I don’t think they are completely the same thing.

Becoming more than just simple me. When I think of this, I think solely of my human characteristics such as kind, loving, intelligent, and so forth. What type of person would I be if I weren’t a christian? If I weren’t a christian, would I be someone people wanted to be around or someone people would distance themselves from? I think these are both questions worth consideration.

Becoming who God has made me to be. This one takes a little imagination because when I think of this, I think as if I were not human at all, but a spiritual being such as an angel. Examining only my spiritual characteristics.  Would I be one of the angels God wanted to use for great works? Would I be so close to God that I could anticipate His every thought?

So these two aspects aren’t really about what I should be striving to be, but more am I there already, a checklist perhaps. Am I someone people want to be around? Am I close to God as I should be at this point in my life? If yes, how can go further? If no, what can I do to check this of my list before going further?

As a person going into ministry, I believe it is important for me to take a step back and think who I am a person and a christian. You don’t have to be called to ministry, but I believe you should do so as well because of The Great Commission. I think doing something like this will make people more receptive to you when you share the Gospel because you are more receptive and more confident in yourself. You can’t expect people to understand what you don’t understand.

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