Freshman year of college has come and gone for me, and it has been an amazing time. For those who do not know, I am attending Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri pursuing a degree in Church Leadership with a Music minor. This post isn’t really going to be long or go into magnificent detail, so I encourage to go and read my previous post The First Semester.

So, what has happened since the end of the fall semester? Honestly, there is much difference between the two semesters. To illustrate this a little better, if you read my post The First Semester, you might remember me talking about how I texted a girl that I like who never replied. Well, I lost interest in her and got a crush on another girl. Pay close attention because this will show how little of a difference there was between the two semesters. The girl from the fall semester name was Katie, but the new girl I like is named Katy. Boom! That is about the extent of the differences between the two semesters. (I hope you found this as funny as I do)

In all seriousness though, freshman year has been great. Besides what I mentioned in my post at the end of the fall semester and my girl problems, I’ve found a church home at James River Church where I have become an official member and a part of the worship team singing background vocals in youth. I’ve managed to work three jobs – on campus, Sear’s (which I no longer work at), and event security.

Freshman year has also taught me some things. It has taught me that high school study skills do not work in college. I found out that it is best to build up on the study skills that year learned from high school. The downfall for me is though that I didn’t study in high school, so I am having to learn how to study now. It has also taught me that when you think you need to be alone, you actually need to be surrounded by friends. There has been many times were my thoughts were about nothing other than my problems and how can I fix them, and often these times I thought it would be best to separate myself from the group to take more time to figure my problems out. However, the separation only made things worse and it was only when I surrounded myself with people that happiness took over the gloom of my problems. All this was in contrast to my preconceived notions.

I wish I could explain the entire greatness of freshman to you, but some things are just too good that it is hard to explain them. I hope that I’ve captivated a little of the greatness of my freshman year of college as best as I can in the smallest amount of details as possible.

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