Greetings my dear friends, I’m burdened by this update to which I write you. I’m sad to report a major upset in the expedition. As I write this update, I write it docked on a nearby island. A brutal storm enraged our ship not to long ago. This storm did major damage to our ship and even showed its rage against me… not a single soul saw this storm coming.

The expedition was going so well. I had never seen so much joy and sunshine in my life. My crew was nothing but a horde of singing birds; singing happy tunes and dancing all day and night. We knew from the get-go that we would face some trouble out here on the open seas, but nothing could have prepared us for the storm we recently encountered. This storm turned the tide within a matter of seconds. As the sunshine immediately disappears, my crew quits singing and dancing as they look in awe and terror to the sky which has turned a dark and ill color. CRACK! A bolt of lighting hits the sea just feet in front of the ship and the storm begins as rain falls from the sky as if all the heavens have burst open. The crew frantically runs to take control of the ship, but it’s being tossed around in the sea to the point of no control. The waves a beat against the ship with anger and roar like a monster. Lighting tears through the sails of the ship and chips the wood away. As I help the crew balance the ship, I wonder how it’s possible for us to be in a storm this rough when the conditions were nothing but clear skies and sunshine only moments before the storm hit.

As I went to take my position as captain at the helm of ship, I hear a loud splash and fade into unconsciousness. Moments later I regained consciousness and realized that I was sinking to bottom of the sea. As I swam up to the top, I hear the intensifying calls of my crew yelling. CAPTAIN! CAPTAIN! CAPTAIN! I reached the top but the waves are so furious that they throw me back and forth. I see my ship getting further and further away from me. The waves hurled me back down into the sea, and as I fall deeper and deeper, I began to slip back into unconsciousness. I saw flashbacks of the moment that I asked the most beautiful girl, who has a smile that will light up a room, I have ever met out to coffee back at home.Then it felt like a knife had stabbed me in the heart when in my unconsciousness state I realized we never went on that date yet. Then I saw the job that I recently attained shred into pieces. The last thing I remember happening is seeing my life flash before my eyes like a motion picture with all the things of my past and all the things I was expecting for in the future. Then… I saw… and felt nothing.

I don’t know how, but somehow my crew members found and rescued me after the storm ended. Now we are docked on a small island country called “Tomatatow.” The people, the Tomatatowians, here are very nice and caring; they are known for their great tasting tomatoes. They are helping us repair the extensive damages to our ship. The only thing is that we have no clue when the repairs will be finished and when we can continue our expedition.

Even as I pen this letter to you, it stills feels as if I’m still in that violent storm and struggling to swim to the top as I lose consciousness becoming nothing more than a dead-weight sinking to the bottom of the sea. I hate to admit it, but my faith in this expedition has been shaken a little a bit and I’m not sure if we will continue. My trust in God has also been tried during this storm. I know God is up there; my mind wants to and is trusting Him to make this expedition possible, but my heart on the other hand is having a little trouble. It’s evident that He’s listening and that he hears my cries… I mean He heard my plea to be rescued from the storm and to be back on my ship with my crew. It’s just that my heart has been hurt so many times, that it’s hard for my heart trust anything and anyone. While we are docked here in Tomatatow, my prayer is that God will teach my heart to trust in Him. Well, I must go; I hear my crew calling my name.

With kindest regards, Braylon Williams.

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