Church Leadership major at Evangel University, Travel Agent, and Creator/Host of Enneagram Restored Podcast

There are two things you should know about me. One, I’m a challenger. I’m not afraid to challenge people’s thinking and the status quo. I have started many initiatives within different organizations that challenge the status quo. The second thing you should know about me is that I’m not afraid to start something new. Whether it’s starting a nonprofit with a bold, visionary mission, starting a new business venture, or starting a new podcast, I in for it. I pretty much live a very fluid life when it comes to the things I do. While I may have a “hustlers” spirit, one thing that has stayed constant is my life mission… to preach the Gospel, seek social justice and civil rights for all people while being led by God and leading with honesty and integrity. 

I have known ever since I was a little kid (the youngest age that I can recall feeling this calling is age five) that I was called to become a pastor. This calling is why I’m studying church leadership at Evangel University. I wish I could say the path between knowing my calling and studying at Evangel was a smooth, no problem journey, but that is simply just not the case. For years until I was sophomore in high school, I pursued a career in law enforcement despite knowing that my true calling was to be a pastor. I also have experienced may other setbacks and hurdles (I like to call them personal development moments) during the time frame of receiving my calling and studying at Evangel. Unfortunately, I have suffered from both a pornography addiction and a spiritual drought, but each has taught me a lesson I will never forget. My pornography addiction taught me that no matter how hard you try on your own, an addiction cannot be broken until you bring it into the light by talking about it with other people. My time of going through a spiritual drought showed me that your calling doesn’t protect you from something you thought would never happen. I heard stories about people going through a spiritual drought, but I thought since I was called to be pastor that it would never happen to me, but I was wrong. I’m not proud that I experienced a pornography addiction and a spiritual drought, but if I had the opportunity to go back and not experience them, I would not trade these experiences. These experiences gave me tools of empowerment to accomplish my life mission.

Despite the many setbacks of life, I have many great opportunities as well. For eight years (2012-2020) I was the president and founder of a nonprofit called Teen Action Program whose mission was to motivate, educate, and equip students of all socio-economic backgrounds to be agents of change in the Lauderdale County area. I have also had the great opportunity to serve on the planning committee for the local Fields of Faith for two years, and to chair the Baccalaureate planning committee my senior year of high school. My most favorite experiences were the experiences where I was able to speak at events filled with people of different backgrounds. I have enjoyed all of my past experiences, but I love where I am now in life even more. I have started my own travel business through my host agency, uAdventure LLC Travel. I have also started a new podcast called Enneagram Restored, and I have the wonderful opportunity to serve on the worship team at James River Church

While I acknowledge the fact that I have already started accomplishing my life mission of preaching the Gospel, seeking social justice and civil rights for all people, I know that I have barely even touched the surface of this mission, and I cannot wait to accomplish even more of my mission.