Stepping Back, Looking Forward

I have completed my fall semester of sophomore year in college. You know what that means? Yes, that's right... this is the usual semester review blog post. Unfortunately, the love story from this past semester isn't as interesting as the ones from freshman year, but this past semester has been one of self-reflection which actually … Continue reading Stepping Back, Looking Forward

Why Juneteenth Matters

Freedom and equality. These are two words that are nice to hear but haven't been the easiest things for black people to obtain; they have mostly been a conceptual idea for black people. We owe thanks to Juneteenth for making these two words actualy obtainable things. Juneteenth ushered the movement for these two words to … Continue reading Why Juneteenth Matters

Old vs. New

Earlier this month I posted an article about Christian comedian John Crist defending the actions of Pastor John Gray and Lauren Daigle, who were both a topic of discussion over the internet because of recent decisions made by the two, to my personal Facebook page. I encourage you to read that article before reading this … Continue reading Old vs. New