Three's Subtypes Enneagram Restored

The subtypes of the Enneagram give each type a deeper knowledge of themselves. This episode is all about the Social, Sexual, Self-Preservation Three. [4:34] Sexual Three [9:29] Social Three [15:23] Self-Preservation Three [23:01] Next Steps Follow Enneagram Restored Podcast on IG:
  1. Three's Subtypes
  2. Behind the Scenes: How It's Made
  3. Understanding Each Type's Stress & Security Number
  4. The Harmonic Groups
  5. What's Here Now? with Jeanne Stevens (8)
  6. Two's Subtypes
  7. One's Subtypes
  8. Restoration in the Marriage with Christa Hardin (7)
  9. Nine's Subtypes
  10. Eight's Subtypes

The Enneagram doesn’t define you, but it does bring restoration to every facet of life. In this podcast, I will discuss, alongside some special guests, how knowing your enneagram type can restore the way that you think about yourself, how it changes the way you engage and love other people.