For returning readers, you know that I write mainly about experiences and some lessons that I learned from life. Well, this post and my last post are a little bit different; instead of writing about my experiences, I’m adventuring to a new land and writing more of a call-to-action post. By now you are probably wondering what in the world this post is about? This post is all about how nonprofit organization thrive off of donations.

You may or may not know that I actually own a nonprofit, Teen Action Program (I’ll post links at the end of this post for you to learn more about us). What is Teen Action Program? We are a nonprofit with a Christian faith background. We motivate, educate, equip students of all socio-economic backgrounds to be agents of change in the Lauderdale County (Ripley, Halls, Henning, and Gates, TN) area. My official role at Teen Action Program is President/Founder but since I’m currently a one-man team, I additionally have many more roles. One of those roles being the bookkeeper, where the inspiration for this post comes.

So, I was looking at our balances and profit up to today, and I noticed that although we have less than $100 in our account and our operating expenses are almost $300 more than our income for the year so far, the biggest part of our income has been from donations and fundraisers. In fact, from January of this year until now, we have had a total of $400 from donations and fundraisers. That’s 80% of our income this year. Without donations from our supporters and purchases made from our fundraisers this year, we would have only had $100 in income. IT’S AMAZING to know that we are able to continue to operate as an organization because of people like you who donate to our cause. IT JUST BLOWS MY MIND!

Now that you have an idea of the importance of your donations, I want to ask you to continue to give. Not only to continue giving, but to also increase your giving. Of course I want to you to donate to Teen Action Program (which you can do here), but I also want you to give more to other nonprofits and churches. My nonprofit, other nonprofits, and churches all rely your donations. We are able to do what we do because of our donors.


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