Dating is an ever evolving concept (no worries, this isn’t about dating). The most prominent way of dating in 2019 is online dating; Tinder and Bumble are on the forefront of online dating. Despite your personal feelings towards Tinder and Bumble, whether you have more success or more failures using these apps and other apps, they have an important lesson to teach us all – users as well as non-users.

You’re probably wondering, “What the heck does Tinder has to teach us?” The lesson comes from the fact of how in order to match with someone, you have to swipe right (yes) on them and they have to swipe right on you. You just can’t begin to talk to someone without both of you swiping right on each other. Some people would argue that using Tinder is an illegitimate and shallow way of getting to know someone. I would be lying if I said that they were wrong in thinking so.

There is no dispute to whether online dating is a shallow way of getting to know/dating someone. If it’s a shallow way of getting to know someone, why should we learn from its practices? It is my personal belief that when we begin to form new relationships (platonic and romantic), we often are too open with our lives and allow the wrong people into lives. We also let the right people into the wrong aspects of our lives. So, back to the idea that Tinder has a lesson to teach us from its practice of swiping left/right on people. I think that it would be a great idea for us to institute the idea of swiping on people when getting to know them.

Am I suggesting that we become shallow when getting to know people? Yes and no, there should be a healthy balance of being open and shallow when getting to know people. I speak from personal experience when I say that it’s easy to let the right people into the wrong aspects of your life which can lead to them becoming the wrong people to have in your life. So, rather than swiping on someone only when you first meet them in real life, we should swipe on them every time we are thinking about letting them be involved in a different aspect of our lives.

So, despite your success, failure (which I know all to well), or thoughts about Tinder, I want to challenge you to being to institute the “swipe life” into your reality. I think that by doing this we evaluate our relationships better which lead to healthier relationships.

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