I have completed my fall semester of sophomore year in college. You know what that means? Yes, that’s right… this is the usual semester review blog post. Unfortunately, the love story from this past semester isn’t as interesting as the ones from freshman year, but this past semester has been one of self-reflection which actually started back in summer.

As always, when I write one of these posts, I not only have to talk about the life lessons and experiences from the past semester, but also my love life.

Unlike 2019 fall semester, this fall semester didn’t involve me “stalking” a girl and texting her and never getting a text back. This time I found a girl and when I texted her, she actually texted back. Here’s where the story gets a little scandalous. So, my floor did a Get Your Roommate a Date (G.Y.R.A.D) back in October, since I didn’t have a roommate and none of my friends have actually met this girl, I asked her to go with me to this G.Y.R.A.D. You’re thinking she said “yes”, aren’t you? Well, what she actually said was, “I won’t be able to! I will be working!” (the entire G.Y.R.A.D became something where everyone who didn’t have a girlfriend just third-wheeled those who did.) Since she didn’t explicitly say “no,” I didn’t give up; I was going to keep asking her out until she said “no.”

This is where it gets a little funny. About a week later, in order to get my friends to go somewhere with me one night, I told them that if they went with me that I would ask her to have coffee with me (I was going to ask her anyway, but I needed leverage to get friends to go with me.) While we talking to some people in the lobby of our dorm, I texted her, “Coffee this Saturday?”

Almost instantaneously, she replied, “I would but I’m going to be out of town.”

As we were walking to the parking lot, I texted back asking, “When is a good time?” That’s where the conversation ends because just like other girls in the past, she left me on delivered.

A few weeks later while I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw some pictures that she had posted of her and her boyfriend. So, I came to the conclusion that every time she told that she told me that she couldn’t come, she was rejecting me but being nice about it. I wish she would have just said so in the beginning though.

Now that we have had the chance to laugh at my lack of ability to get a girl, let’s talk about the serious life lesson from this semester.

Going into my first semester of sophomore year, I was set to finally start taking classes for my music minor. I was excited to be majoring in church leadership and minoring in music, but a few weeks into the semester I wasn’t so happy to be a music minor. I wasn’t unhappy because the material was hard. If you knowing anything about me, you know that I much rather persist through something hard and fail at it rather than give up on it. I was unhappy because being a music minor just was feeling right anymore. So, the entire semester I would mentally take a step back and re-evaluate my goals, passions, and pursuits.

Towards the end of the semester I started to consider switching my minor from music to nonprofit business and social enterprise. Soon academic registration for the spring semester came and I was still unsure if I wanted to change my minor, so I stuck with adding the music classes I needed for a music minor to my schedule.

It wasn’t until I posted, “Realized that I’ve been so caught up in what I wanted that I forgot to pursue what I know I was called to do … preach and social good.” on Twitter at 1 in the morning on November 24th that I realized that I needed to change my minor to nonprofit business and social enterprise.

So, I talked to my adviser and had my music classes removed and switched with some of the necessary classes need for a nonprofit business and social enterprise minor. Ever since then, life has been a little bit different and little bit more happier for me.

Despite another failure in love, the major lesson from this past semester is knowing that sometimes it necessary to re-evaluate life on a regular basis. I would go into detail about some of the thoughts that I thought about during this entire re-evaluation process, but because this post is already a long post, I might write another post that goes more in depth about some of my thoughts during this entire re-evaluation process.

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