I don’t usually write posts about special holidays, but I there’s something important about being single on Valentine’s Day – something that is often overlooked by all the single people. Writing this post, is very spontaneous, so I hope I can make it understandable. You have probably already heard this a million times, but I just want to reiterate it today. Not only for you as a reader, but especially for myself.

So I have been single for my entire 20 years of living, and honestly it sucks. If I can be a little bit vulnerable with you, often times when I’m alone and I began thinking about how I haven’t been lucky enough to have a girlfriend yet, it sometimes makes me a little depressed.

I remember when I was back in primary and elementary school, the teachers would have us bring cards to give to everyone so everyone was included. Back then I HATED doing this. I remember thinking about how I supposed to let my crush know that I like her on Valentine’s Day if I have to give a card to everyone (even the guys). Honestly, I thought the idea of doing this was pretty shallow. However, I wish doing this was mandatory now so I can at least get a card from a girl on Valentine’s Day, even if it’s a little superficial.

Although, it doesn’t seem like it. When you look at it, being single on Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity. It offers all the single people a chance to expel all the love that they wish to give to someone else upon themselves. Yes… I’m talking about self-love. Side note, I’m working on a series of blog posts about self-love and self-identity.

I always thought that I had so much self-love until this past year. I realized that just thinking about self-love isn’t enough, and without putting self-love into practice, knowing about it is basically useless. I’ll explain my journey of discovering self-love in a later series I’m working on, but right now it is important to note what you are doing on a daily basis to show yourself love. For me, it was changing some of my bedtime habits. I went from not brushing my teeth and not having a nightly skin care routine to doing both of these things on a nightly basis. Now, doing these small things doesn’t make a huge difference in my life, but it does make a difference. Here’s how I know it makes a difference. Nights where I have been to tired to brush my teeth and do my skin care routine resulted in me being about 10% less happy the next day. I know this is a small and silly example but it drives home my point.

I wish I could give you more examples, but I don’t want to spoil everything for my upcoming new series of blog posts.

Valentine’s Day is not only a day to show love to other people, but in my opinion, it is the best day to show yourself the greatest amount of self-love that you can. As I end this post, I put this charge before you. If you are single today on Valentine’s Day, look in a mirror periodically through out day and tell yourself, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” (I encourage you to show yourself as much self-love as you possibly can today, but at the least do what I just said.) If you are not single today but you know someone who is, be sure to tell them, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” as well. (Maybe even buy your single friends some chocolate.) This one is for all the males reading this, it is NOT GAY to tell all your single guy friends, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” and/or buy them some chocolate. (I encourage you to do this.)


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