This post going to be a short post… I just want to announce some exciting news. I have graduated with a diploma in Interior Design from The Interior Design Institute!

I enrolled at The Interior Design Institute on June 4, 2021. What does this course look like? This course is an online interior design course that is setup in twelve modules with an assignment to accompany each module. When I enrolled in this course, I had planned on completing the course near the end of November this year, but I put a whole lot of hard work, dedication, and time into this course and that’s why I’m proud to say that I completed the course earlier than than I had originally projected. As of October 15, 2021, I am a graduate of The Interior Design Institute with a diploma in interior design. While I am proud to be done, it is a bittersweet moment to graduate from this course because this course was so much fun to take. I learned a lot of new skills and information as well I learned ways to refine the skills I already possess. My interior design journey has just began.

As of today (November 12, 2021), Morningstar Interiors is officially open for business. I’m so excited to begin working with people to improve their homes. Click here to learn more about Morningstar Interiors.

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