Hello to all my readers! It’s been a while since I wrote an actual blog post, and I just wanted to give everyone a little update about where life is taking me. I’m just so excited because I have a lot of new ideas coming to my mind everyday, and some of those ideas are already in the process of becoming something real. So, before I tell you about what’s coming in the future, let me recap what has happened so far in 2022.

This year I was able to create and publish Emotions & Self-Reflection: Discovering a Deeper Dimension of Life Through it All (a guided journal). Now, when I first started to create this journal it was supposed to a one and done type of thing; however, I just kept getting inspired with new ideas that just couldn’t all be put in one journal, so I decided to create a series of guided journals. With that being said, the second installment will be released either later this year or in early 2023. So, what is the second installment called and what is it about? The second installment of my guided journal series is titled Defining Emotions, and it’s all about understanding your personal definition of an emotional word and making a personal life connection to that word.

Alright, so this next thing is one of things that I am most excited about. In February 2023, I will be launching the E+E Collective! The E+E Collective will be a group of people who gather every 4th Thursday via Zoom to discuss the Enneagram and Emotions. The fact that our gathering will be held on Zoom means that people all across the Globe can be a part of the Collective, and that’s what makes me so excited for the Collective to start. With registration opening up on November 1, 2022, I’m limiting this first semester of the Collective to twenty-five people. So, if you want to be in the Collective, set a reminder on your phone to register on November 1st because spots will go fast.

In March 2021, I started season one of Enneagram Restored Podcast, and now season three of Enneagram Restored Podcast will begin to air in January 2023. I can’t wait for everyone to listen to season three which is mainly focused on the twenty-seven subtypes of the Enneagram, but this season also has more guests on the show. I’ve already had the great opportunity of having a conversation with Christa Hardin from Enneagram and Marriage Podcast about restoration in the marriage which will be episode four. And, I have so many more guests that I’m currently working on bring on the show this season… it’s going to be an amazing season!

Not only am I continuing to produce Enneagram Restored Podcast this next year, but I am also starting another podcast called Taking Notes Podcast. Taking Notes Podcast is a show where I will be interviewing some of the most notable comedians, pastors, entrepreneurs, teachers, podcasters, etc. about their journey to success and any tips and tricks they have for the audience.

And lastly, I want to tell you about the thing that I’m probably most excited about… I’m writing a book. I can’t tell you more than that because it’s a secret; however, I am beyond ecstatic to go beyond just publishing guided journals. I have been wanting to write and publish a book since I was a little kid, so this is definitely a dream come true.

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